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Pride Weekend 2016

Pride Weekend 2016

We are proud to open our doors on Saturday, June 25, to offer a quiet place for contemplation and prayer during this weekend’s Pride festivities. Please feel free to stop by between 12 PM to 5 PM. We will offer an evening prayer service at 5 PM. Please join us to honor the those who were lost in Orlando and in other tragedies.

We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We pray for those who have been lost and those who were injured. We pray for the shooter and his family. We pray that God’s mercy and comfort will touch all those in need, today and every day.

Holy Trinity is a Reconciling in Christ congregation, meaning that we welcome all persons in Christ’s name regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, gender, class, or other possible exclusionary distinctions. Read more about what we believe here.

This Week at Holy Trinity

This Week at Holy Trinity


Fifth Sunday after Pentecost – June 19, 2016
Mass at 11:00. Readings: Isaiah 65:1-9; Psalm 22; Galatians 3:23-29; Luke 8:26-39. Pastor Wayne Dreyman preaches and presides. Ava Thoms will be baptized. (more…)

Colonizing Earth with the Life of Heaven

Colonizing Earth with the Life of Heaven

The Rev. Wilbert S. Miller
Preached at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, New York City
April 24, 2016
Revelation 21:1-6; John 13:31-35
“Colonizing Earth with the Life of Heaven”

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Whenever I hear that word “heaven,” I instinctively look UP…way up into the sky. And yet, what we just heard from that pesky book of Revelation is as discombobulating as a Coney Island roller-coaster ride: rather than looking up, we are invited to look around and see heaven coming down, “down out of heaven from God.”

God offers us a spectacular glimpse of heaven, not up in the sky somewhere, but right here at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity. (more…)