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A New Website for Holy Trinity

A New Website for Holy Trinity

Since as early as 1898, Holy Trinity has consistently kept a published record of communication amongst the congregation and with the outside world. Initially, this was the Trinity Times, a sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-weekly periodical that contained brief news items, schedules of upcoming events, details about upcoming worship services, and testimonials and notes from congregation members. The Trinity Times would eventually transform into This Week at Holy Trinity, which survives today as the church’s weekly e-blast. Today, the congregation of Holy Trinity takes another step forward with the launch of a new site, powered by WordPress, that brings with it the flexibility and features needed for the church to maintain an active web presence early in the 21st century. At the time of the launch, content on the site falls under a few different groupings, accessible via the main menu bar:

  • About Us: This section contains information on who we are as a congregation, what we believe, how we got here, and where we’re going.
  • Worship: Contains worship schedules and information on how we worship at Holy Trinity. Watch this space in the near future for a more detailed guide on what to expect when worshiping with us, as well as a Worship Guide with more in-depth information about each part of the liturgy as practiced at Holy Trinity.
  • Music and the Arts at Holy Trinity: Always strong, the music and arts programming at Holy Trinity has taken an exceptional leap forward in the past few years, with expanded concert offerings, a larger-than-ever parish choir, and the addition of the Paul Enger Memorial Play Reading Series. This is in addition to our flagship music and worship ministry, Bach Vespers (est. 1968). Watch this space for updates on music and arts activities happening at Holy Trinity.
  • Ministries: Holy Trinity has historically placed a strong emphasis on social outreach. Information is available here on H.U.G. and the Women’s Shelter, two key social services administered and supported by the congregation.
  • Blog: The introduction of a Blog is perhaps the most exciting and promising development for the Holy Trinity web presence. Here, you’ll be able to find weekly updates on upcoming worship services, information about this week’s music, and notes, stories, testimonials, and reflections from the congregation and leadership. This is also where you’ll be able to find transcripts of recent sermons delivered at Holy Trinity. We will be updating the blog regularly and hope that it will become the living and beating heart of the new site.
  • Calendar: The new site also hosts a Google Calendar, which allows you to get a quick glance of upcoming activities at the church. Events can be exported to your own calendar, or shared with others.

As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen the church’s web presence, we will also be adding to our social media activity in the near future, to help better communicate and engage with our broader community. Until then, we ask to you please follow us on Facebook and periodically check back here for updates. And of course, come visit us at one of our weekly worship services!

Andrew Wright
Secretary, the congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity
February 2015