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Daily Devotion – Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday, March 16
Matthew 26:57-58

Those who had arrested Jesus took him to Caiaphas the high priest, in whose house the scribes and the elders had gathered.  But Peter was following him at a distance, as far as the courtyard of the high priest; and going inside, he sat with the guards in order to see how this would end.

I’m intrigued by Peter. From what I know of his story and his relationship with Jesus, I think he is a very present companion to many of us. And the brief reading for today points to that. Peter was interested, apparently, in overhearing what was going on in the hope, I suspect, that he might make plans, even decisions, about this relationship with Jesus.

It’s amazing what happens when you overhear things. I sat near a couple of guys in a crowded little café to which I had fled after a fasting blood test. I guess they were in their mid-twenties, squeezed into a booth right behind me. From what I overheard, I surmised they had both been recently laid off from work, and judging from their language and tone, it was not a pleasant experience. They were wondering what hope they had. I probably should have bought them a drink and called it a day, but it was breakfast time and I do have some principles. Their outlook was as bleak as Peter’s. They were down, to say the least.

So young with no hope. Like many people today. And, frankly, I don’t know how to move easily from hopelessness to hopefulness, but I am quite certain a choice is involved. The two guys I overheard had a choice. Peter had a choice. I can’t claim to know what that choice was, but I’m sure there was one.

Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “I am personally the victim of deferred dreams, of blasted hopes, but in spite of that I close today by saying I still have a dream, because, you know, you can’t give up in life. If you lose hope, somehow you lose that vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of all. And so today, I still have a dream.”

I wish I could have said that or something like it to the guys sitting in the booth behind me. And even to Peter, for that matter. But I’m glad I can say it to you.

Let us pray… Loving God, inspire by your Holy Spirit those who are losing hope. Give them and us the gift of constantly overhearing the assurance of your great love. Amen.

Bishop Robert Rimbo