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Important News at Holy Trinity-An Amazing Time!

Important News at Holy Trinity-An Amazing Time!

NInth Sunday after Pentecost


August 6
11  o’clock in the morning

Thoughts from Pastor Miller 

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What a wonderful summer it has been at Holy Trinity!  Let me cut to the chase: I have gathered worship statistics for the past five years for Sunday and Wednesday Mass; worship attendance in July was at the highest levels over that time period.  Of course, you have noticed this; many of you have come  to me  and said, “Pastor, there are a lot of people at worship for  the summer.”

I can only say what a joy to see so many brothers and sisters in Christ gathered around Word and Sacrament.   I thank God for your presence and I delight that, even on a few of the toastier, soupy mornings, you have seen fit to come to the House of the Lord to celebrate God’s great love.

One of the things churches deliberate on over and over again is “how to grow the  church”–it is a persistent theme.  Surprisingly, after all the fancy studies have been completed, all the top-notch experts have offered their insightful opinions, and the day-long meetings have been held with sticky-notes, butcher paper, and magic markers, after all that, the great discovery is that people most often come to church when they are invited by a friend.  Imagine that!  Have you invited someone to church lately?  I hope so and, if not,  why not do so this week.

Amazing things are happening at Holy Trinity.  Please, invite a friend….and  have a relaxing summer.

One other important matter I would like to bring up.  As your pastor, I would very much like to know when you are sick, in the hospital, troubled, have lost a loved one, or even have great news to share.  While some of you have said to me, “Pastor, I just didn’t want to bother you,” please, please, call me (212-877-6815, x2)!  I want to keep you in my prayers and I want to visit you.  Also, if you would simply talk about our ministry and share ideas you might have, I always enjoy that opportunity.  I am your pastor and want to be open to you  in sickness and health, in joy and sadness, and, of course, as we look the future of our wonderful ministry.  Give me a call, please.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Wilbert “Wilk” Miller

Holy Trinity Book Group
Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Brothers Karamazov” 

The Holy Trinity Book Group is reading Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov.  The next gathering
will be in the Miller’s fourth floor apartment, next Sunday, August 13, immediately following Mass.  Please read through Part II.  All are welcome.

Bach Vespers celebrates its 50th Anniversary 

Season beginning this October.  Click below to listen to our podcast, “Notes on Bach Vespers,” and hear how artists and members at Holy Trinity are eagerly anticipating this milestone season.
Please share this link with your friends and spread the word about this important ministry at Holy Trinity.