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“Mary and Martha, Lollygaggers and Busy Bodies Alike”

The Rev. Wilbert S. Miller
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity-Manhattan
Sunday, July 17, 2016 (Ninth Sunday After Pentecost)
“Mary and Martha, Lollygaggers and Busy Bodies Alike” (Luke 10: 38-42)

For the life of me, I can never quite remember which sister is Martha and which is Mary.  I must refresh my memory every time this morning’s gospel reading appears to see who sits at Jesus’ feet all google-eyed and who grumpily labors away in the sweltering kitchen.

Once I recall who Mary and Martha are, I catch myself wondering which sister I am.  Am I the one who loves sitting in the quiet of this sanctuary, soaking in God’s love, or am I the busy-body who measures her self-worth by how much work she does, albeit for a very good cause? (more…)