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Sermon: Easter 5 – May 3, 2015

The Rev. George Detweiler

John 15:1-8

It’s the time of year for pruning. Most plants have budded already, so we can see where the new growth is taking place and there are dead branches that are not producing any new growth.

The hard winter and it took its toll on the plants. My daughter’s rhododendron are in bad shape–more dead branches than live ones. All that will have to be pruned away. The hydrangeas and the clematis have all needed a lot of pruning.

Pruning is essential for most plants to stay healthy. Without it, disease can enter the plant through its dead branches. Regularly pruned plants are stronger, grow more robustly, and have larger flowers or fruit.

Pruning is an expression of caring on the part of the plant owner, but I doubt the plants see it that way. If the owner didn’t care about the plants, he or she wouldn’t bother with pruning because pruning is painful for the plant. (more…)