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This Week at Holy Trinity

This Week at Holy Trinity


Sixth Sunday of Easter – May 10, 2015
Mass at 11:00 a.m. Readings: Acts10:44-48; Psalm 98; 1 John 5:1-6; John 15:9-17. Pastor George Detweiler preaches and presides.

For the fourth Sunday in a row our readings are from Acts, 1 John, and the gospel of John.

Each of the Acts readings for this season present us with preaching of the apostles and the results of that preaching of the good news of the Risen Christ. Here Peter preaches to a group of Gentiles upon whom the gift of the Holy Spirit is poured out even as Peter is speaking. Normally the outpouring of the Holy Spirit followed baptism – the order that became standard in the church’s worship, where we pray for the gifts of the Spirit and anoint with oil after the washing. Here, though, the gift of the Spirit was a sign to Peter that it was okay to baptize these non-Jews.

The writings of John and his community can be quite challenging to the perspective of 21st century people. Words like “love” and “faith” do not mean quite what they mean in our cultural setting. This section of 1 John describes how love leads to the victory of faith. Love of God requires keeping the commandments to love and to believe. The community’s faith is its victory over the world because the world wants to destroy both the church’s faith and its ethic of love. Put another way, the church’s shared faith is the antidote to the disorienting pull of evil.

This gospel is the second half of last Sunday’s – both are from John 15. In verses 9 and 10 make a transition from the emphasis on abiding in Christ’s love to loving one another. In the writings of John the command to love is not about how we feel: instead it is about what we do. Love is expressed in our actions, by our giving of ourselves and what we have for and to the other. Obeying Christ’s commands, following his way,  is how we love one another.


Music for Sunday
Prelude: “The Peace May Be Exchanged ” from Rubrics- Dan Locklair
Offertory: Is There Anybody Here Who Loves My Jesus, Spiritual
Communion: I Sat Down Under His Shadow, Edward Bairstow
Postlude: Fanfare for Organ, Richard Proulx

#880   O God Beyond All Praising
#863   My God, How Wonderful Thou Art
#372   Christ Is Arisen
#358   Great God, You Love Has Called Us
#470   Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether
#389   Christ is Alive! Let Christians Sing


The Holy Trinity Transition Team needs your input and insight! 
Please plan to attend the second “Dialogue Circle” following  Sunday Mass on May 17.  In groups of 8, or so, seated around tables as we eat some lunch (which will be pot-luck), you’ll be asked, by Transition Team facilitators, a series of open-ended questions about Holy Trinity’s heritage, identity, community, mission — and our future.  Your perspective and insights on these questions are key to completing the Strategic Plan that the Transition Team is developing, and crucial to our eventual process to seek pastoral candidates and extend a call to our next pastor.  You participation is necessary to capture your view.

Dialogue Circle/Luncheon (in the church basement): 
 Next Sunday, May 17 — about 12:45pm – 2:00pm, following Mass and “coffee,” POT-LUCK LUNCHEON — please bring something to share!

With many thanks from your Transition Team: Steve Aurand, Anna Bolz, Tim Cage, Suzanne Hoglund, Joshua Leveque, Patty McGreevey, Jean Silliman, and Jonathan Stewart.

Nicholas Sollom To Be Ordained
Nick has been called to Good Shepherd, Plainview, to serve as their Assistant Pastor. He will be ordained at Saint Peter’s, Lexington Ave and 54th Street, on Saturday, May 23, at 10:30 AM. The people of Holy Trinity are all invited to attend this momentous event. The Holy Trinity choir will be singing.

Fence Update
The restoration of our 65th St fence is nearly complete! Spirit Ironworks has informed us that there is still a little more work to do, and when that is completed, they will send it to the finishers. Once they learn the finishers schedule, they will give us an expected delivery date.

Thanks to past and recent gifts, we are now less than $6,800 away from covering the costs of this work. If you have not yet given – or even if you have – please consider making a gift to help close this gap.

fence restoration

A section of the fence nearly ready to send to the finishers

Online Giving
If you are currently giving by cash or personal check you may not be aware of the fast, secure, and simple online giving solution available through www.holytrinitynyc.org.  Create an online profile to schedule automatic or manual debits from your account while easily viewing your giving history.