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Gustave Dore. Jesus Raises the Widow's Son Wikimedia Commons


Third Sunday after Pentecost – June 5, 2016
Mass at 11:00. Readings: 1 Kings17:17-24; Psalm 30; Galatians 1:11-24; Luke 7:11-17. Pastor George Detweiler preaches and presides.

Both this Sunday’s Hebrew Bible reading and gospel offer stories of restoration to life.  In 1 Kings, Elijah revives the son of the widow who was harboring him during the drought. In the gospel Jesus also raises the only son of a widow. These are stories of compassion for widows as well as of the power of God at work in the prophet Elijah and in Jesus.

The second lesson continues Paul’s defense of his ministry, confirming in broad strokes the account of his conversion recorded in Acts. The gospel he preached was revealed to him by Jesus Christ, and not based on secondhand knowledge. Moreover, his work centered on the eastern end of the Roman empire, and he had little to do with the Christians in Jerusalem. Paul wants his hearers to know that his emphasis on God’s grace instead of the law came from Christ himself.

Our psalm thanks God for restoration to life and health. It ties together all three of the readings. How have you been lifted up?

Please keep in your prayers:  Ellen Benton, Cory Bricco, Charlotte Cage, Peg Faulkner, Dolores Fernandez, family and friends of Richard Headley, Maria Jacobson, Susan Sterne McCann, Marie Mutz, Jytte Palumbo, Robert Radsch, Mike Rodriguez, Thorvald Slater, and Benjamin Weiner.


Music for Sunday
Prelude: Meditation on “Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether” -Gerre Hancock
Offertory: Sing Me to Heaven  – Daniel Gawthrop
Communion: Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether – Harold Friedell
Postlude:Prelude and Fugue in C Major – J. S. Bach

#533   Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty
#769   If You But Trust in God to Guide You
#808   Lord Jesus, You Shall Be My Song
#543   Go, My Children, with My Blessing


Sunday marks the conclusion of Pastor Detweiler’s service to us as our interim Pastor. George has many wonderful gifts, including the ability to give a terrific sermon that weaves personal narrative with scripture (not an easy task). It’s also been a pleasure to have your wife, Debra, make the trip from Pennsylvania to join us in the pews on many Sundays. Thank you for your presence and leadership as we build for the future. It’s a task made harder in a church and city where change is always constant.

Career change is also taking Andrew Swan from New York City to Merida, Mexico. Andrew has been an active member of HT since his arrival four years ago. He has also been a terrific leader at Council, as Chair of the Finance Committee, and a member of the Property Committee. Andrew and with his wife, Elisa, have also been gracious hosts to many coffee hours after service. The good news is that the move, to be a Corporate Director of global shipping company, is not only a promotion for Andrew but takes them to Elisa’s hometown.

Lastly, Council, Cantor Donald Meineke and HT staff (Office Manager Bonnie Minger and Property Manager Sergiy Orlov) continue to prepare for the arrival in July and ministry of Pastor Wilk and Dagmar Miller. They’re currently packing and preparing for the cross-country drive from San Diego to New York. Renovation of the Fourth Floor apartment, their future home, is on schedule.   The fundraising campaign to finance these improvements raised more than $55,000. Thank you for your generosity.

Craig Wilson
Council President

Farewell for Pastor Detweiler
For the past 15 months, Interim Pastor George Detweiler has led the congregation both in worship and in our search for a new pastor, a mission that was fulfilled last month with the call of Pastor Wilbert “Wilk” S. Miller. This call brings feelings of joy and excitement as we prepare to begin a new chapter in the life of Holy Trinity, as well as the sadness that comes with knowing that we must now bid farewell to Pr. Detweiler, whose guidance has been vital to successfully completing the call process. Today, June 5th, is Pastor Detweiler’s last as our interim. Please join us after Mass for a special reception and luncheon for Pastor Detweiler as we thank him for his leadership and service over the past year. Lunch will be served.

As a service to both our newest and longtime members AND in order to welcome Pastor Miller and Dagmar to our congregation, we are excited to create a new pictorial directory.  We are working with Lifetouch Photography who will handle all aspects of the project, from shooting the photography to printing the directories. All sittings will be held at Holy Trinity from July 6-10. Please click here to sign up for a photo portrait session. A sign up sheet will also be available at church after Sunday morning services during coffee hour.

All individuals and families who sit for a portrait will receive a FREE 8″x10″ photo and a printed directory with no pressure to purchase anything.  You will have the opportunity to select from digital proofs on the day of your photo session and purchase additional portraits, if desired.
To make this directory a big success (and an invaluable resource to all of us), we need ALL of you to participate. Please make every effort to sign up for (and attend!) a session from July 6-10, however, if you are not able to attend one of these dates, please contact the office and we will look into setting a makeup date in the future. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Scripture Reading – Week after Third Sunday after Pentecost
Sunday – 1 Kings 17:18 – What was the woman assuming about the death of her son?
Monday – 1 Kings 17:20 – Elijah is the greatest of the prophets. Does his prayer surprise you?
Tuesday – 1 Kings 17:17-24 – What is the point of this story?
Wednesday – Psalm 30: 1-3 – How does this psalm reinforce the other readings for this Sunday?
Thursday – Psalm 30:5 – How is this a comment on the other lessons?
Friday – Galatians 1:11-12 – To what charge against him do you think Paul is responding?
Saturday – Galatians 1:15-16 – What is the basis of Paul’s call to proclaim the gospel?
Sunday – Luke 7:16 – How would you react to a miracle like this?