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This Week at Holy Trinity

This Week at Holy Trinity

Thoughts from Pastor Miller

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Trinity,

Wasn’t Easter almost two weeks ago?  Well, yes and no.  We are actually still in the midst of Easter.  This coming Sunday, April 30, is the Third Sunday of Easter; yet again, we will hear of Jesus appearing to those he loved following his resurrection (read Luke 24: 13-35).

It is why, by the way, I urge you on Sunday morning–and actually in the middle of the week as well–to shout as loudly as possible, “Alleluia!  Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed.  Alleluia!”  We want all the world, especially Central Park West to hear our Easter message.

Every Sunday is Easter as we celebrate the Risen Savior’s presence with us.

Oh, how we need Easter!  On Sunday, April 23, we joined together to celebrate the baptism of our new sister in Christ, Amelia Rose von Bargen.  What a joyful day it was!  Water flowed and life flowed from the font.  Keep Amelia Rose in your Easter prayers.

Oh, how we need Easter!  Richard Felton, the husband of Dale Lamb (Holy Trinity choir member) died on Sunday.  Richard and Dale celebrated forty-five years of life together. Keep Dale in your Easter prayers as he and his brothers and sisters in Christ entrust Richard into the almighty arms of God.

May our entire life be Easter.  May we celebrate resurrection for all those we love and for our groaning world.  May we trust that God has conquered death through the resurrection of Jesus and, as we have been saying at the end of every Mass, let us “practice resurrection” in our every word and deed.

Alleluia!  Christ is risen!
Pastor Wilbert Miller


Third Sunday of Easter
April 30
11 a.m.      

5th Sunday Pot Luck Luncheon
Sunday, April 30
immediately following Mass
All are invited
Please bring something to share if you are able



Greetings!   I’m pleased to provide a quick update about Council happenings in recent weeks.   Most importantly, we are working well with Pastor Miller to create a spirit of unity and growth as we all serve to enhance our church home.  To that end, we’ve made some big changes to our existing committee structures.

You’ll still see committees named “Finance” and “Property.”  But we’ve restored “Stewardship” from the clumsy “Parish Response.”  Or was it “Parish Life?”  I never got it right.  We’ve also created new committees to capture the spirit of the ministry we, as a congregation, support. They include:

        Christian Education & Fellowship
Public Relations & Evangelism
Service & Social Ministry
Strategic Planning
Worship, Music & Arts

Now it’s time for members to step up!  Simply put, we need people to volunteer their time to serve one of these committees.  Please speak to Pastor, any council member or me if you’d like to volunteer some of your time to help us grow and succeed!

I’m especially excited about the new “Strategic Planning” Committee.” It has been created to stress collaboration among committees and – most importantly – among Holy Trinity’s ministries.  Chaired by Steve Aurand, the committee includes Pastor, the Council President and Bach Vesper’s President.  This team will oversee the capital budget, as well as coordination of upcoming anniversaries: Holy Trinity’s 150th, Bach Vesper’s 50th and the Reformation’s 500th!

Lastly, I want to thank Council Member Andrew Wright for his dedicated service to all things Holy Trinity.  Andrew has informed Council that he plans to return home to Louisiana to pursue his Master’s Degree.  Congratulations, Andrew!  There is no doubt he will be missed but he’ll forever have a ‘home’ at the corner of 65th street and Central Park West, too.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at johncraigwilson@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Craig Wilson