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This Week at Holy Trinity

This Week at Holy Trinity

Fourth Sunday of Easter

May 7
 “Good Shepherd Sunday”
11 AM

Thoughts from Pastor Miller

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Trinity,

Alleluia!  Christ is risen!

Yes, we continue to shout, “Alleluia!  Christ is risen!” until we are blue in the face…and even then some.  Also, during these Easter days at Holy Trinity, we have been proclaiming, “Go in peace. Practice resurrection.”

How might we practice resurrection in our lives?  Here are a few ways…

1-The Holy Trinity Congregation Council has set a goal of increasing the number of volunteers we have in a host of ministries. This coming Sunday, we will begin a campaign to increase the number of people involved at Sunday worship. The more people who assist, the more vibrant our worship will be.  We are looking for volunteers on Sunday morning to:
•    set-up/ clean-up for Mass (altar guild)
•    assist at worship as an acolyte and/ assisting minister
•    usher and greet worshipers
•    read lessons (lector)
•    host coffee hour (supply refreshments once every one, two, or three months or support coffee hour financially and have someone else purchase goodies)
•    count offering
There will be training for all these positions. If you have questions about any of these opportunities, people will be at the back on church on Sunday morning to answer any questions you might have.

2-Offer $250 to special projects at Holy Trinity at no cost to you.  Thrivent Financial has helped Lutherans build solid financial futures for more than a century and helped them strengthen their communities.  Thrivent members (those with Thrivent insurance policies and/or other financial products) and Thrivent Associate Members (anyone enrolling at Thrivent.com for a year-long membership for $20) can propose a specific Holy Trinity program or community project that will be supported with $250. If you are a Thrivent member or would like to be a Thrivent associate member, see Tim Cage or Pastor Miller.

3-Attend Wednesday Evening Mass at 6:30 p.m.  This Mass lasts for 1/2 hour and is a lovely way to end the day gathered in God’s presence around the gifts of Word and Sacrament.  Join the growing number of people who are making this a devotional practice in their lives.

Exciting things are occurring at Holy Trinity!  Please be part of these joyous days as we practice resurrection!

Alleluia!  Christ is risen!
Pastor Wilbert Miller