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This Week at Holy Trinity

This Week at Holy Trinity

Seventh Sunday of Easter

May 28
11  o’clock in the morning  

Thoughts from Pastor Miller

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Trinity,

Alleluia!  Christ is risen!

For one more Sunday, yet again, we will proclaim “Alleluia!  Christ is risen….Christ is risen indeed!  Alleluia!”

The Easter season at Holy Trinity has been a joy for me…and I hope for you as well.  As each Sunday has neared, I have become more and more thrilled for Mass.  What a joy to gather with brothers and sisters in Christ and to assure one another that there is nothing in this world that can overshadow the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.

And even when the Easter season is in the rear view mirror, we can practice resurrection.  In truth, every day of our life is Easter; there are countless occasions when we can tell someone–or ourselves–that death has been destroyed forever.

I think you know that every Sunday is Easter…even on July 9 and August 20.  Even as the city streets heat up, we gather around Word and Sacrament and proclaim that Christ has risen.

As summer approaches, I pray that you will be present at worship on Sunday morning.  If you are away, join us on Wednesday evening for a 1/2 hour Mass (you may be surprised to know that attendance at Wednesday evening worship has doubled!).

Even now that the lilies are gone, the palms in someone’s backyard, and the timpani covered for the next extravaganza, we continue to be an Easter people-it is our calling, it is our joy.

For one more time, please join this Sunday and proclaim for all the world…

“Alleluia!  Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed!  Alleluia!”
Pastor Wilbert Miller