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This Week at Holy Trinity

This Week at Holy Trinity
Salomon Bray. 1654. pentecost Wikimedia Commons


Day of Pentecost – May 15, 2016
Mass at 11:00. Readings: Genesis 11:1-9; Psalm 104:24-34, 35b; Acts 2:1-21; John 14:8-17, 25-27 . Pastor George Detweiler preaches and presides.

One of the themes of Pentecost is the the role of language in our relationship to God and to each other.  In the story of the Tower of Babel, pride destroys the people’s relationship with God and each other. Their confused speech signifies their confusion about their role in creation. The line “Let us make a name for ourselves” brings this story into the present. Pride still reigns and ruins lives.

The reading from Acts – the story of the out pouring of the Spirit in the disciples – is primary today. The Spirit was given to them as tongues of fire and as the ability to speak and understand other languages. In other words, Babel was reversed at Pentecost. Here the ability to speak other languages signifies the church’s reaching beyond one group to become a universal phenomenon. Jesus had promised “power from on high” to his disciples after his resurrection. Now they received it and were motivated to carry the good news of his death and resurrection to all the known world.

The psalm praises the Lord for all of creation and describes the Spirit as the power of creation. This psalm includes the two verses (27 & 28) that Martin Luther used as versicles before meal prayers.

John 14 is part of the long farewell of Jesus to his disciples. It is a very trinitarian passage, preparation for next Sunday’s celebration of our name day, the festival of the Holy Trinity. We read it on Pentecost though, because of the promise that Jesus will send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, to teach them (us) everything and remind them (us) of all that he has said to them (us).

Please keep in your prayers:  Ellen Benton, Cory Bricco, Charlotte Cage, Peg Faulkner, family and friends of Richard Headley, Maria Jacobson, Susan Sterne McCann, Marie Mutz, Jytte Palumbo, Robert Radsch, Mike Rodriguez, Thorvald Slater, and Benjamin Weiner.

This Sunday is Pentecost, the conclusion of the Great Fifty Days of the Easter season, when we celebrate the gift of the Spirit to the disciples and therefore to the church. Since baptism joins us to the church through water and the Spirit, this is a great day for a baptism!

Reyna Zhang has been attending Holy Trinity since the fall. She expressed an interest in learning about the Christian faith sometime this winter and became part of the Sunday Lenten study group. At the conclusion of Lent, she expressed interest in being baptized and has continued to attend worship, read the Bible and theology, and ask questions. She will be baptized this Sunday at the 11 AM Mass. Her sponsors are Lynne Richards and Lois Rimbo. Welcome Reyna!


Music for Sunday
Prelude: Komm, Heiliger Geist, BWV 652 – J. S. Bach
Offertory: Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost – Richard Lloyd
Communion: If Ye Love Me – Philip Stopford
Postlude: Fantasia super: Komm, Heiliger Geist, BWV 651  -J. B. Bach

#394   Hail Thee, Festival Day!
#578   Creator Spirit, Heavenly Dove
#395   Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord
#662   Now to the Holy Spirit Let Us Pray
#627   O Day Full of Grace


A “Thank You” Luncheon — and 4th Floor tour!
Please join us after Mass in the Community Room this Sunday, May 15, for a special Thank You luncheon.  We’ll acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of all who have given so generously to support the renovation of the 4th floor apartment, and to create a “welcome home” for our next pastor and his family.  After the lunch, sponsored by a Thrivent Action Team (Thanks, Thrivent!), you’ll be able to check out the 4th floor for a “No Place Like Home: Excitement Under Construction” look-see.

Why I’m a Big Fan of “Simply Giving”
My schedule — and income — is unpredictable.  I miss plenty of Holy Trinity’s Masses and Bach Vespers.  And when I am here, I don’t always have my checkbook or the requisite cash in hand to make an offering to support our important ministry here.  Years ago I enrolled in Simply Giving, so that at regular intervals a percentage of my pledged offering is taken directly from my checking account.  I do something similar for the charities I support and other financial responsibilities, so why not do the same for what to me is the most important of all?  And because my monthly income varies, I supplement what’s given automatically when I’m able, either by making a credit card contribution at holytrinitynyc.org, or dropping an offering in the plate when I’m here.  Thanks to Simply Giving, I can easily contribute my “first fruits of the harvest” (aka offerings) toward all that we do here together at this place I love and where I am loved. I can keep up with my pledge, even when I’ve not been to the ATM, my memory lapses, or my schedule keeps me away.  Check it out!

Timothy Cage
Holy Trinity member since 1993
Simply Giving giver for quite a long time

Scripture Reading – Week after Pentecost
Sunday – Genesis 11:4 – What do you think about their desire to make a name for themselves?
Monday – Genesis 11:6 – About what in our day could this be said?
Tuesday – Genesis 11:8 – Was scattering them a bad thing? Why or why not?
Wednesday – Psalm 104 – What image of God is primary here?
Thursday – Acts 2:1-12 – How is the story of Babel reversed here?
Friday – Acts 2:1-12 – What would you think if this happened today?
Saturday – Acts 2:14-21 – What is the point of Peter quoting the prophet Joel?
Sunday – John 14:13-27 – What will the Advocate or Spirit do for us?