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This Week at Holy Trinity

This Week at Holy Trinity
Anonymous after Dirk Bouts from Wikimedia Commons


Second Sunday of Easter – April 3, 2016
Mass at 11:00 a.m. Readings: Readings: Acts 5:27-32; Psalm 118:14-29 or 150; Revelation 1:4-8; John 20:19-31. Pastor David G. Burke preaches and presides. Joseph Alexander Ziegeweid will be baptized.

For the season of Easter, all the Sunday first lessons are from the book of the Acts of the Apostles. That book details the first years of the Church, which formed as a result of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As we celebrate the resurrection throughout this season, we are to be inspired to witness to Christ’s resurrection as did the apostles.

The introduction to the Revelation to John propounds the promise of the return in glory of the Risen One. Our hopes for resurrection rest in that promise for the future.

Our gospel for today begins with the disciples gathered fearfully, doors shut, following Jesus’ crucifixion. The Risen One surprises them and stands among them, offering them peace and the Holy Spirit. Thomas was absent for that first appearance of the Risen Lord, so Jesus appears again a week later, offering again the gift of peace. Then Jesus pronounces a blessing for us and all who were not present in the time between his resurrection and the Ascension: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.”

Please keep in your prayers: Ellen Benton, Charlotte Cage, Peg Faulkner, Harold Gray, Maria Jacobson, Susan Sterne McCann, Jytte Palumbo, Robert Radsch, Mike Rodriguez, Beth Shane and the family of Deb Hoeck, Thorvald Slater, Rosie Weaver and Benjamin Weiner.

Bach Vespers on Sunday at 5:00PM
The Bach Choir and Players present Johann Sebastian Bach’s Am Abend aber desselbigen Sabbats, BWV 42.


Music for Sunday
Prelude: Prelude in D Major – Johann Pachelbel
Offertory: These Things Did Thomas Count as Real– Richard Webster
Postlude: Christ ist erstanden– Hermann Schroeder

#390   The Risen Christ
#386   O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing
#362   At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
#380   Hallelujah! Jesus Lives!


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Scripture Reading – Week after Easter 2
Sunday – Acts 5:27-29 – Of what are the disciples accused? What is their response?
Monday – Acts 5:30-32 – What reaction would you expect from this statement?
Tuesday – Revelation 1:4-6 – What does John assume about his readers?
Wednesday – Revelation 1:7-8 – What is John’s hope and ours?
Thursday – John 20:19-21 – What does Jesus to his disciples in addition to blessing theM?
Friday – John 20:22-23 – What gift and charge are given here to the disciples and us?
Saturday – John 20:24-25 – Does Thomas’ request make sense to you? Why or why not?
Sunday – John 20:26-29 – How are we included in Jesus’ words?