Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the church building is closed. Worship continues online.


August 28, 2020:  Announcing Holy Trinity's Live Stream Appeal.  

As Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, New York City prepares to return to in-person worship this fall, we don't want to leave anyone out due to health, mobility, work schedules or geography.

Will you Support this effort?  If so, please go to http://www.tinyurl.com/htlivesstream.  Whether you’ve been Holy Trinity a thousand times or have just joined this community for worship in the last 23 weeks, you can give a gift that will help our online worship ministry continue - knowing that you've played a part. Thank you for your support.

July 21, 2020:  Holy Trinity Welcomes its new Music Director, Ms. Diane Meredith Belcher.  

Please read the Announcement of this Exciting News.


While the church building is closed, you can watch our most recent Sunday Mass above, or find them all on our YouTube channel or on our Facebook page.

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